Sexual Abuse/Harassment

Being the victim of sexual abuse or harassment does not limit you to being a witness in a criminal trial. You have rights, and you have the ability to seek justice for the harm you have suffered. It is important you seek and obtain skilled representation to empower you to get the best possible result and face your aggressor if the matter proceeds to trial. Examples of what sexual abuse and harassment can look like are:

  • Non-consensual sexual contact
  • Repeated sexual advances or comments
  • Offering incentives for sexual favours (such as jobs or advancement in the workplace)
  • Unwanted or unwelcome comments about a person’s sexual orientation or identity
  • Acts or threats of sharing intimate images or videos (commonly known as revenge porn)

The lawyers at Planetta Hughes LLP strive to protect victims of sexual abuse and harassment and work diligently to seek justice on their behalf. If you have been victim of sexual abuse or harassment, contact Planetta Hughes LLP today for a free case consultation.