Regulatory Offences

Although regulatory offences like traffic violations, occupational health & safety infractions, and professional disciplinary actions are governed by legislation different from the criminal code, the proceedings are similar to criminal cases. As regulatory offence attorneys in Halifax, we’re experienced in the stringent administrative procedures involved and will build a defence aimed at protecting your personal reputation and your professional standing.


Traffic Offences

If you’ve been charged with speeding, driving while using a cell phone, or any other motor vehicle act violations, we can fight your ticket. Both Jonathan Hughes and Peter Planetta have extensive experience prosecuting traffic and motor vehicle offences. Their knowledge of both sides of the counsel table will work to bring your matter to a successful resolution. We aim to reduce any impact on your ability to drive or obtain insurance.

Occupational Health & Safety

Being charged with an occupational health and safety offence can have serious consequences for your business. We defend both regulatory and insurance claims and protect you as the employer in the case of a dispute with an employee.

Professional Discipline

Whether you’re facing a criminal complaint, professional sanction, or disciplinary hearing, we advocate on your behalf to minimize any damage to your professional and personal reputations. We will represent your best interests both in front of your professional governing body and criminal court as necessary.

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