If you’re involved in a civil dispute, you need a qualified dispute litigation lawyer in Halifax on your side to represent your best interests and protect your rights. As experienced litigators, we manage all steps of the process for you, including the investigation, pleadings, discovery to pre-trial, trial, settlement, and, if necessary, the appeal. It may be we can help you avoid going to trial altogether by assisting with other forms of negotiation or resolution.


Construction Litigation

Due to the high complexity, risk, and finances involved in most large-scale construction projects, conflict is common and legal disputes are a regular part of doing business. Our experience in construction litigation focuses on resolving situations outside of the courtroom, negotiating fair settlements, and successfully representing the best interests of our clients, their companies, and their employees.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes require extreme attention to detail and an understanding of how to exploit the technicalities of contract law to your benefit. Our preferred option is to resolve contract disputes through arbitration and to avoid the costly and time-consuming nature of a trial. However, there are situations where arbitration and mediation are not options, and in those cases, we will mount your case and defend your position in court.

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