There may have been errors of law or procedure made during your trial, whether in mid-trial rulings or the decision. Or there may be new evidence to present. It may also be that the law under which you were charged needs to be challenged to make change. At Planetta Hughes we look at your case through a lens of experience and advise you if an appeal is possible. A successfully mounted appeal can reduce your sentence, overturn your conviction, and get you a new trial. A 30-day time limit to appeal means you must act quickly and hire an experienced criminal appeal attorney in Halifax.


There are certain situations where the conviction or sentencing at the end of your trial does not have to mean the end of your case. An expertly presented appeal can change your life.You need experienced lawyers who are committed to combing through legal details to uncover errors which present options to improve your outcome.

The legal team at Planetta Hughes not only has extensive experience mounting appeals, they successfully had a second-degree murder conviction overturned by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal and then defended against the Crown’s appeal in the Supreme Court of Canada.

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